Can You Play Games on Apple Vision Pro?

As Apple Vision Pro floods social media, fans want to know if it’s possible to play games on the latest VR device.

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The Apple Vision Pro allows users to interact with all sorts of practical applications usually found on a smartphone within a virtual world they can craft around them. However, the real question everyone wants answered is whether the device plays games or not.

A handful of large corporations have been trying to bring VR gaming to the mainstream market for years. While Sony certainly has the most practical gaming VR devices with PSVR and PSVR 2, the Quest 3 and PC or complete unit alternatives offer a much better overall package. Now, Apple has joined the fray with Apple Vision Pro, a headset that can be worn anywhere, allowing users to watch multiple screens, set times around their homes, and do so much more without ever looking down at their smartphones. But fans want to know how capable it is when it comes to gaming before they invest.

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Can You Play Games on Apple Vision Pro?

Yes, users can play games on their Apple Vision Pro as long as they download them from the App Store. We’ve seen a few games, such as Fruit Ninja, make their way over to Apple’s VR headset, but one that looks to really utilize the capabilities of the device is Synth Riders.

This game is similar to Beat Saber on PSVR 2 in that players must follow a song and move their hands around to match it. However, instead of hitting beats with swords, they need to follow the line through the song as it changes with each beat.

Another game that looks to make the most of Apple Vision Pro is Lego Builder’s Journey. While in the standard versions of the game, players must work their way through the game building a LEGO set in a fairly static and sterile background, the Apple Vision Pro version brings it to life wherever players are.

Both of these games are great examples of how Apple Vision Pro can take a game that’s already on the market and add a new twist that makes it worth playing again on a new device.

It doesn’t end there, though, because one user even managed to pull together all the pieces necessary to get Palworld of all games running on their Apple Vision Pro. This is by far the most complicated way to run the game, and it’s even more complicated than everything we’ve created an article for in our complete guide, but it’s there for those with the device who just want to play more Palworld in their meetings.