Can you play Roblox on the Nintendo Switch?

The million-dollar question.

Image via ragnar9878

Roblox is one of the most popular games on the planet, available on Android, PC, and Xbox. The game boasts a massive player base, and it continues to grow as new players flock toward it regularly. However, unlike Minecraft, which is organically available on most platforms, Roblox is limited to only three. Most notably, it’s not available on the Nintendo Switch, a handheld console that many gamers use nowadays. That said, there are alternatives that can be utilized to run Roblox on Nintendo Switch.

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How to play Roblox on the Nintendo Switch

Install Andriod

Since Roblox is unavailable on Nintendo Switch, you need to install Android on it. Once installed, it will enable you to download Roblox from Play Store on your console. However, to set up Android, you’ll need to root your Nintendo Switch, which can be tedious. Regardless, your console will have double OS after installing Android, similar to what many users have on a PC.


Alternatively, like many consoles, you could jailbreak your Nintendo Switch in order to run Roblox. However, as many might know, Jailbreaking any console isn’t always the right approach. Once you jailbreak Nintendo Switch, you won’t receive any further updates for it. Furthermore, it voids your warranty, so you won’t be able to get it fixed from an official source in case any issue arises.

Ultimately, it boils down to your preference if you want to install Android or jailbreak your Nintendo Switch. This workaround will also allow you to load many games on your console, which would otherwise be impossible. Regardless, getting Roblox on Nintendo Switch is sure bliss and the perfect game to blow off steam.

Disclaimer: The methods mentioned above are not officially authorized by Nintendo, so it’s at the reader’s risk if they decide to proceed with the approach.