Can you replay chapters in The Quarry? Answered

Gather ’round the campfire again.

Image via Supermassive Games

The Quarry is divided into chapters, often ending in some serious cliffhangers. You’ll also get to jump around different characters’ perspectives as the story unfolds. But what if you want to replay a chapter to see a different scene or try a different choice? Here are the details of how all that works.

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Can you replay chapters?

The answer is yes, but there are some caveats. First, you have to finish the game, at which point chapter selection will be available on that particular save file. Second, you can’t just drop into a chapter and replay it free of any consequence. If you want to replay a save file from a particular chapter, that save will be overwritten from that point forward. This is for technical reasons. There are so many choices weaving throughout the game, like the all-important paths, that dropping into a chapter without affecting the rest of the game just wouldn’t be feasible. So if you want to revisit a chapter to collect something you missed, such as a Tarot Card, note that you’ll need to play the rest of the game from that point forward to complete the collection again.

How many chapters are there?

There are 11 chapters in The Quarry: 10 numbered ones proceeded by a prologue. Consider what it means to revisit these chapters, since replaying comes at a cost. There are events between each chapter too. Interstitial scenes feature Eliza, the fortune teller, who can read the Tarot Cards you’ve collected and provide information about future decisions.

Can you start a new save file?

Of course! It may be a better alternative than replaying a chapter in many cases. A new save will also avoid overwriting the progress you’ve already made. Considering how many different branching paths the game actually has, you might want to start fresh and see all the differences anyway.