Can you rotate buildings in Age of Empires IV?

Building placement does matter.

Image via Relic Entertainment

Creating and detailing your civilization’s buildings in Age of Empires can be essential to constructing a powerful empire. For some players, having a building face at a certain angle helps them play the game, and a handful of Age of Empire games have had a feature where you can rotate buildings. Can you also rotate buildings in Age of Empires IV?

The game has launched, and from what we can tell, you cannot rotate any of your buildings. You can turn your camera, though. The entire map shifts and changes by rotating the camera, giving you a different perspective, overlooking your civilization as your armies clash against the enemy or your Villagers busily rush across the screen to dump essential resources into your town center.

Even when you rotate the camera, the buildings do not turn from the original starting position.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The addition of rotating your buildings might come to Age of Empires IV in a later update or a mod when those become available. However, right now, there’s no way to do this in the base game. So you’ll have to settle for rotating your camera and changing the way things look for your current perspective.

Screenshot by Gamepur