Can you save anyone in the Prologue in The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope?

Up in flames.

Can you save anyone in the Prologue in The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope?

Image via Steam

Little Hope is the second entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology series. Supermassive Games’ latest interactive horror title kicks off with a macabre opening chapter, and you might be wondering if there is a way to save anyone in it.

If you have already played through the Prologue, you will know what happens. If you are yet to experience it, you should turn back now as we are going to get into spoiler territory. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

For those who remain, you will know that Anthony’s family die in a house fire. You are only given one option to save someone in the Prologue, and that choice is between Tanya and Mary. Anthony’s parents and brother Dennis perish regardless of what choice you make, as there isn’t an option to save them.

Depending on which sister you tried to save in your first playthrough, you might be wondering if you made the right call. Unfortunately, no matter what option you choose, you can’t save either of Anthony’s sisters.

If you try and save Mary, you won’t reach her in time, and she will be burned alive. Tanya, meanwhile, will try to escape back through the house and get burned alive too.

If you attempt to save Tanya, Mary will still be burned alive. You can instruct Tanya to climb down the drainpipe or head back down through the house. Select the drainpipe option, and she will slip and get hung from the pipe by her scarf. If you tell her to go through the house, she will be burned alive.

It’s inevitable that everyone in dies in the house fire as this sets up Little Hope’s plot. You will unlock the “So. Much. Death” achievement or trophy for completing the Prologue regardless of who you try to save, though, which sets you off on your journey to 100% completion.