Can you still get The Epicurean in Destiny 2? Answered

Gone, but never forgotten.

Image via Bungie

The Epicurean made waves in Destiny 2 when it first released in 2019, as part of the Season of Opulence. With a blisteringly fast charge rate for Fusion Rifles, helped by the perk Backup Plan, the Epicurean became the go-to in Crucible matches for wiping enemy squads.

As all things come to an end with Bungie, so to did the Epicurean with the (now-abandoned) sunsetting plan. With The Witch Queen scheduled to arrive in late February, however, and Bungie celebrating its 30th Anniversary within Destiny 2, some weapons have been coming from the past into the present, such as the 1000-Yard Stare and Gjallarhorn.

The Epicurean, as of yet, has not been officially announced nor shown in the 30th Anniversary fanfare, nor in teasers for the upcoming expansion, The Witch Queen. Rumors abound regarding the much-loved PvP rifle making a comeback, but none stemming from Bungie. At this time, the Epicurean is unobtainable.

Could The Epicurean still return to Destiny 2?

Much like Guardians, “down” doesn’t mean “out.” The ongoing 30th Anniversary event, called Moments of Triumph, is scheduled to end on February 22 when The Witch Queen expansion arrives. The event thus far has been filled with loot and more than a few weapons have returned.

Xur is always a possibility with his weekly inventory, and it’s possible that we see a brief window where Epicurean is available. Beyond this, it isn’t unfeasible that the crowd-favored weapon makes its eventual return with more fanfare — it simply isn’t ready to do so just yet.