Can you upgrade the Dexfluxor in Stray? Answered

Your greatest weapon against the squishy Zurk threat.

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You’ve braved the Zurks time and time again whether by running for your life or jumping gaps that they can’t follow you across. There comes a time, however, when you need something more than your running wits and great dexterity. You need the Defluxor. The Defluxor is the greatest weapon in Stray that you have against the Zurks. It can pop them like balloons in no time flat. The big question though, is can you upgrade the Defluxor in Stray?

How to unlock and use the Defluxor in Stray

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You unlock the Defluxor as part of the campaign during the Dead End chapter. During this time, you will head out into the world beyond the Slums with Seamus in search of Doc. After a little bit of searching, you will come across Doc’s new home. The Defluxor can be found in Doc’s House on the bottom floor.

After powering up the Defluxor, Doc will decide that he can place it inside of B-12, giving you a portable weapon to fight off the Zurks with. This weapon comes in great use when fighting large groups of these dangerous creatures. Using the Defluxor is the same as using the light on B-12. When you use the weapon, you will see the light turn to a purple color like a UV light. You will also see a bar start to fill up next to B-12. If the bar fills up, B-12 will overheat for a few moments and you will be defenseless.

Can you upgrade the Defluxor?

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Despite the weapon being your greatest tool to fight the Zurks, you actually cannot upgrade it throughout the entire game. Unfortunately, the weapon ends up breaking after a little while before you reach Midtown. This means that the weapon doesn’t last very long before you are forced to go back to avoiding the Zurks the old-fashioned way by running, jumping, and weaving.