How to Complete Center of Attention in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Gaston’s a goof, but he deserves a place to call home. At DDV’s Center of Attention, we’re making that happen.

Gaston Level 2 Friendship Quest DDV

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Center of Attention, you’ll be helping Gaston get back on his feet. Once you’re done with him, he’ll have a tidy home and a stall of his own in the Glittering Dunes.

Gaston is surprisingly pleasant to be around, but a shabby cabin and no job won’t lift his spirits. In Center of Attention, we’ll help him get his life together by cleaning up the sand in his home, striking a deal with Scrooge McDuck, and setting up a stall for him in The Wastes. However, gathering the required materials isn’t always easy. In this guide, I’ll show you how to complete Gaston’s Level 2 Friendship Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Center of Attention Dreamlight Valley Walkthrough

In the A Rift in Time expansion of Disney Dreamlight Valley, the self-assured hunter Gaston finds himself stranded on Eternity Isle. Upon finishing his quest chain, capped off with Diamond in the Rough, Gaston becomes an unlockable Villager, allowing you to engage with him and offer gifts.

In his initial Friendship Quest Center of Attention, Gaston expresses frustration over his House, the cherished hunting lodge, sustaining damage during his absence, and seeks your assistance in its restoration.

Here are the steps to complete Center of Attention in Dreamlight Valley:

  1. Clean up Gaston’s Lodge
  2. Bring Gems to Scrooge McDuck
  3. Restore and Decorate Gaston’s Lodge
  4. Find the Freezer of Infinite Meat
  5. Cook Meat-Based Meals
  6. Attend Gaston’s Party

How to Clean Up Gaston’s Lodge in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Center of Attention DDV
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To clean up Gaston’s Lodge in DDV, dig up the piles of sand on the ground and fix his portrait on the wall.

  1. Equip your shovel, dig up five sand piles from the ground, and then pick up each sand as it drops.
  2. Then, to revert to the ruined portrait in the Center of Attention, look to the wall on the lodge’s left.
  3. Interact with the brown fallen portrait hanging on the wall to fix it up.

Though the interior might look cleaner, much work remains to do. Let’s see if old Scrooge McDuck is willing to help us.

How to Find Gems to Trade With Scrooge McDuck in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Center of Attention DDV
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The only language Scrooge McDuck speaks is money, so look for Alexandrite, Jade, and Spinel to trade with him.

  • 1x Spinel can be found in The Grove and The Promenade.
  • 1x Jade can be found in The Courtyard and The Overlook.
  • 1x Alexandrite can be found in The Wastes and The Oasis.

Once you’ve mined all three gems, speak with Scrooge McDuck to get some furniture for Gaston in DDV’s Center of Attention.

How to Gather Materials to Repair the Old Lodge in Disney Dreamlight Valley

DDV Center of Attention
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Besides the Crate of Gastonian Furniture and Gaston’s Antler Chair, you’ll need some Copper, Oasis glass, and Tropical Wood.

  • 15x Copper, which can be mined from the brown rocks scattered all over the Eternity Isle.
  • 10x Oasis Glass, which can be dug from the sand in The Glittering Dunes.
  • 15x Tropical Wood, which can be found sparsely in The Wild Tangle.

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Bring all these items back to Gaston to give him a lovely cabin and complete this part of the Center of Attention in DDV.

How to Find Freezer Fragments in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Freezer Fragments are located in the Grasslands and the Grove. Here’s the specific location for each.

MapLocationFreezer Fragment Location
In the lower Grasslands, head near the river by Goofy’s Stall.
In the upper Grasslands, look near the wooden stairs by the Well.
In the Grove, use the Royal Hourglass near Rapunzel’s tower.

Look for the nearest Timebending Table to craft the Freezer and speak with Gaston to re-open his old stall.

Best Meat-Based Meals in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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After setting up Gaston’s Stall in The Wastes, he will ask you to cook a meat-based meal using his ingredients. Here are some easy-to-make 2-star and above meat-based meals to complete Center of Attention in DDV.

  • Burrito: Wheat, Beans, Cumin and Meat
  • Meat Pie: Butter, Wheat, and Meat.
  • Dumplings: Wheat, Any Vegetable, Soya and Meat.

Cook any of these three meals four times for Gaston to finish this quest.