Start Wormhole Digger – Metal Gear Survive Walkthrough Chapter 8


In Chapter 7 Secure Wormhole Digger, after bringing it to the base, AI Virgil ask you to activate it. It is best to prepare all things before doing that. You will have to defend it from Wanderer’s so visit all the workbenches and fill up your inventories.

Chapter 8 Walkthrough - Metal Gear Survive

Start Wormhole Digger Walkthrough

AI Virgil will tell you to start the machine but ensure that you are upgraded with all required things before doing this. It is best to visit the Workbenches around and repair your weapons, get ammo, etc. Also, add defensive units around the base. You will have choices to craft wooden or normal fence and place it well to guard the base. Also, you have to take care of farming, you can establish Rainwater Tank to get fresh water from it. It is important to place the barricades well around the Digger because once it is activated a massive horde of Wanderer’s will try to attack it. And there is the pretty long time you have to defend the machine.

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Once you good enough to move, start the Wormhole Digger. After it is activated there will be portals around that will drop a lot of Wanderers near the base. You will have to defend the base camp for 6.59 minutes until the wormhole stabilizes. If you had placed enough fences around then you can easily manage the wanderers. But if there is a lot of open areas then it will be tough. The good thing is all of them will be coming from one direction. So by blocking their path, you can slow them down. This will be a constant fight, so try finding a good spot and lure the enemy there.


Defend the digger Until the wormholes stabilize Walkthrough

Also, try keeping a safe distance so that you don’t lose much of your health. Though blocking the path you get more time to deal with them. So if possible keep adding the fences in the direction of Wanderer’s. After a wave of enemies, there will be a small pause and they will appear once again. So use the time to add more fences, keep a close watch on the red circles around the base. You will see the Wanderer’s dropping from one of them. Keep an eye on the map on your right bottom, you will spot the enemies in it. To kill the Bomber go from behind and backstab it. It won’t blast. Circles with tiny red spots in them will give you the enemies direction. So you can run that way and add a fence in front. Through this, you can block and kill the approaching enemies.

Once done defending the base, in the next cutscene, you will see the Wormhole Digger fails to work properly. AI Virgil will tell that due to the insufficient energy it failed. And to use it properly Iris Energy is required. In the final conversation, a new character Joseph Gruen will enter who tells more about the new energy. This will be continued in next chapter.

Here Chapter 8 Wormhole Digger ends with the failure of the machine, now you have to find the new source of energy. You can read our walkthrough on Chapter 9 where you will activate Wormhole Digger at Singularity. For more info and updates on the game, you can also read our Metal Gear Survive Wiki guide.