How To Feed Cobras in Disney Dreamlight Valley [Cobra Favorite Food]

With a Cobra companion in DDV, all my foes will think twice to confront me. Let’s uncover what their favorite food is.

DDV Cobras Guide

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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s A Rift in Time introduces a bunch of new critters to the game. For all of us weirdos, the coolest critter you can make your companion is the Cobra.

I’m still not sure how I feel about having both a Disney character and a tiny critter chasing me around the map. Still, I can’t deny collecting every available critter in DDV is satisfying, especially since some of them like to play hard to get. Critters like crocodiles and monkeys aren’t as easy to approach and feed as others. Each critter has a unique mechanic and favorite food, so learning how to befriend them is challenging. In this guide, I’ll show you how to approach and feed Cobras in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to Find Cobras in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Cobras speed through The Glittering Dunes in DDV. Their vibrant hues clash against the sandy backdrop, so you won’t have much trouble noticing them. 

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How to Catch Cobras in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Cobras Favorite Food DDV
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To catch a Cobra in DDV, you’ll have to play a game of green light and red light with them. When Cobras raise their head, halt. When they look down, sprint toward them.

I find this the hardest of all the critter-catching mechanics in DDV. But if you’ve gone through the trouble of catching crocodiles, you’ll know how this works.

When you’re close enough to them, Cobras will stop slithering about The Glittering Dunes and stare right at you. This is when they will start raising and lowering their heads.

As long as they’re looking down, you can move toward them. You won’t get more than a few steps at a time. But when they are looking up, you should stop moving immediately. If they catch you moving, they will slither away.

What Are Cobras Favorite Food in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Feed Cobras in DDV
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Cobras’ favorite food in DDV is Eggs. You can purchase Eggs from Chez Remy’s Pantry at his restaurant.

If you don’t feel like spending coins to catch a Cobra in Disney Dreamlight Valley, feed them Scorpions instead. While not their favorite food, they’ll be pretty happy with this meal.

You can fish Scorpions in The Glittering Dunes by casting your line in orange and blue-colored bubbles in the sand pools. I caught a couple of them in The Plains for Gaston during the The Wanderer of Dunes quest without much trouble.