How to Complete The Wanderer Of The Dunes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Like it or not, Gaston is in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you dare give him a chance,The Wanderer of The Dunes proves he’s not as bad.

DDV The Wanderer Of The Dunes Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s A Rift in Time introduces a bunch of new characters, among which are Beauty and The Beast’s Gaston. Through The Wanderer of the Dunes, you’ll get to know a side of Gaston you have never seen before.

Though clearly not my favorite character, I’m giving Gaston the benefit of the doubt. I’m treating this first questline as his elevator pitch opportunity to save himself, becoming the first victim of the remove villager mechanic DDV has timely introduced. So far, I’d say he’s more of a goof than a walking red flag. To help him out, you’ll need to find some weirdly described items and clues to find the Vault Keys.

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All Items for the Wanderer of the Dunes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Wanderer Of The Dunes Items DDV
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To help Gaston regain his strength, look for 3x Agave, 1x Scorpion, and 4x Dates. Here’s how you can get each item:

  • The Flexing Spider-Like Thing? is a Scorpion, which you can fish from the quicksand pool right next to him in the Glittering dunes. Aim for the blue and orange bubbles.
  • The Sweet Brown Raisin Things? are Dates, which you can get from palm trees in the Glittering dunes.
  • The Green Spiky-Leafed Plants? are Agove, which you can harvest from the ground in the Glittering Dunes.

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All Clues to the Vault Key’s Whereabouts in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Clues Wanderer of the Dunes DDV
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After following Gaston to his encampment, you’ll need to look around to find three clues to the vault: Homemade Glue, Paint Palette, and Coconut Husks.

  • Open the chest to the right of Gaston’s tent to find Homemade Glue. Its purpose is unclear, but it’s our first clue to complete Wanderer of the Dunes in DDV.
  • Interact with the Paint Palette lying atop the pile of boxes to the tent’s left.
  • Lastly, pick up the Coconut Husks, which are lying on the floor around some barrels in front of the tent.

With these three items, Gaston will recall that his Gastonian ship is in the Wastes. Open the map and look for the nearest entrance to the Wastes, which should be north of the Glittering Dunes. Investigate it in exchange for 4000 tokens using the magic of the Royal Hourglass to advance in The Wanderer of The Dunes in DDV.

Desert Scarab Piece Location in Disney Dreamlight Valley

scarab key ddv
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With the mist out of the way, follow Gaston to the shipwreck. Since he’s a bit of a spoiled brat, it’s your job to look for the vault key in the Wastes. I found the vault key in a quicksand pool with golden bubbles. The item is called LEFOU.

Because LEFOU is to Gaston what Wilson was to Robin Williams in Castaway, our search for the Desert Scarab continues. Now, it’s time to look for the Desert Scarab by showing off our Royal Hourglass skills.  The Scarab Key can be found in The Plains, right by where the Well and Goofy’s Stall were originally placed in the Glittering Dunes.

Hand this item to Gaston to complete The Wanderer of The Dunes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Then, you’ll just have to give Gaston some me-time so he can recover.