What Do Crocodiles Eat In Disney Dreamlight Valley & How To Feed Them

Time to get some scaly friends by catching and feeding crocodiles in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

approach crocodiles DDV

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Crocodiles are undeniably adorable companions in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but snagging one can be a bit tricky. They’ll bolt when you approach and snub your food. But with their rainbow of hues, I couldn’t resist the challenge to catch a crocodile in Disney Dreamlight Valley once more. That’s why, in this guide, I’ll reveal their favorite snacks and share tips to make them your loyal sidekick in no time.

What Do Crocodiles Eat in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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These scaly buddies can be spotted in the Glade of Trust biome, but you’ll need to feed them their favorite meal to catch them. Crocs in DDV have a refined palate; lobsters are their favorite meal. Once you’re in 

To get lobsters, keep an eye out for yellow or golden fishing spots in water bodies within the Glade of Trust.

Maybe you haven’t unlocked that part of the Glade of Trust yet. If you can’t get crocodiles’ favorite meal in Disney Dreamlight Valley, don’t worry. These scaly animals aren’t just lobster lovers. They also enjoy munching on tuna, squid, and herring. 

How to Catch Crocodiles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Catching a crocodile is like playing a game of “red light, green light.” Here’s how you can catch crocodiles in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  1. Approach the crocodile slowly, but keep your distance.
  2. When they look around alert, stop moving immediately. They’ll eventually turn towards you.
  3. As soon as they lower their heads, take one step forward.
  4. Repeat this process.

Basically, when Crocs are looking down, get closer to them cautiously. As soon as they look up, you stop. Once they notice you, it’s time for the game of “red light, green light.”

I had the most challenging time getting this process right. To be perfectly honest, the tall grass in the Glade of Trust doesn’t make this stealthy process of catching crocodiles in Disney Dreamlight Valley any easier. Seeing them run away over and over can be frustrating. That’s why I’ve got two unusual tips for you. 

Lowering your graphics settings can make the grass vanish, which gives you a clean look at the crocodile’s reaction. Plus, if patience isn’t your strong suit, consider fencing the crocs in. This prevents them from making a hasty getaway. Is it a bit cruel? Maybe, but in the world of DDV, it’s a croc-eat-lobster world.