Code Vein: All weapon types

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Code Vein offers a variety of customizations. From combat to armor to purely aesthetic, there’s a lot of freedom in Bandai Namco’s latest RPG. Due to the flexibility, there are a lot of options for players. Weapons have many options from type to actual weapon choice.

Code Vein All Weapon Types

Code Vein has five weapon categories. These categories decide how weapons work with Gifts and Blood Codes. There isn’t a significant variation between weapons in each category. The Code Vein Wiki covers both the categories and the weapons that you will find in the game.

One-Handed Swords. These weapons are balanced with a fast attack and a short-range. These work well for most Blood Codes. Weapons in this category are pipe, swords, and broadswords.

Two-Handed Swords. Unlike their one-handed counterparts, these have a long reach and greater damage, but they sacrifice speed. This category is built around heavy greatswords.

Spears, Halberds, and Polearms have a very long reach, are two-handed, and do great area of effect damage. If you are surrounded, spinning one of these will ensure you hit every enemy around you. As the name implies, you’ll find spears, halberds, polearms, some axes, and one lone sickle.

Two-Handed Hammers. Hammers are slow and heavy but have a fair range and good damage. The weapons here include hammers and axes.

Bayonet Rifles are the final category. These are the long-range; blade tipped firearms that are versatile enough to let you snipe and stab, depending on your preference. Their piercing and slash damage is low compared to other blades, so best to stick to where they excel.

Blood Codes pair with weapons. Equipping a weapon that doesn’t work with your current Blood Code will slow you down and impede your combat. If you pick a weapon that works with the Blood Code, your skills will shine, and you’ll find combat easier. So while swinging an axe all the time may feel satisfying and successful, if you’re running around as a caster, that axe really won’t do much for you.