Complete List of Destiny 2 Error Codes

Destiny 2
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Errors happen, especially in games as complex as Destiny 2. Bungie has a history of uniquely naming error codes to identify certain issues. Instead of boring numeric error codes, Destiny 1’s errors were typically named after small rodents, various other animals, or foods. Destiny 2 continues this trend, and while being disconnected from a raid due to a “Parakeet” error code is slightly less infuriating, you will still be wondering how to resolve the issue that caused it. This list aims to help you determine what each error code means and what steps to take to resolve it.

Common Error Codes on all Platforms

None of the three platforms, that Destiny 2 is available on, are immune to these error codes. Sometimes bad things just happen.

  • Moose

    This error can occur during various activities. According to this Bungie tweet, you should try restarting the activity.

  • Weasel

    This error tends to happen when returning to orbit or when inspecting gear. It appears to be related to clan invites and Bungie has disabled clan invites for the remainder of the beta to prevent this error from happening.

  • Olive

    Bungie’s solution to this error is to simply restart the game. If it continues, it may be their fault. A beta is for testing afterall.

  • Termite

    Reports are that this error has been resolved on the PS4 but Xbox One users suffering from it are advised to restart the game.

PS4 Specific Errors

The following errors are reserved only for those lucky enough to play Destiny 2 on the PlayStation 4.

  • CE-34878-0

    This error code is related to the language setting on your PS4 and appears to affect only non-English configurations. As a work-around, set your language to English.

We will be updating this list of error codes throughout the life cycle of Destiny 2 and invite you to report newly discovered errors via the comments below. We’ll do our best to track down solutions, but we will list even error codes for which there simply are no fixes.

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