Correct Into the West answers for Gunnhilda in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Discovery Tour: Viking Age

Don’t make her look like a fool.


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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Discovery Tour: Viking Age isn’t just a slice of the base game you can walk about with no combat and some added historical information. There are quests to complete, puzzles to solve, and questions that you need to answer correctly. Try having Gunnhilda ride a horse to see some hidden details. In this guide, we’ll cover the correct answers that Gunnhilda should give in Into the West are. These answers make the difference between Gunnhilda finding a crew or not, so they’re worth getting right.

First answer

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The first answer you should give is, “There’s not enough land.” This is why Gunnhilda and her clan are leaving Norway, and it will resonate with the crew she’s trying to attract.

Second answer

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The second answer you need to give is, “We have mead and dried fish and wool.”This shows that the voyage has been planned well and that anyone joining it will be well looked after. Fresh food and water mean nothing when the food goes off, the water runs dry fast, and there’s no protection from the elements.

Third answer

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The third and final answer you need to give is, “We’ll observe the elements around us.” This shows the prospective crew that you aren’t relying on the same useless sunstones that the navigator from the quest’s start was. With this final answer, you’ll find that you successfully attract some new sailors and progress the quest further.