Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time multiplayer – Modes, features, and characters

A different kind of Crash racing.

Image via Activision

As if Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time didn’t already have enough replayability, various multiplayer modes, collectively named Bandicoot Battle, have been revealed for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One title. Although considered a platformer, the modes make this installment seem like a quality party game.


When we say “party,” we mean a relatively small one, with each of the game modes supporting up to four players. For now, the multiplayer modes are for local play only, as there has not been any mention of online play functionality yet.

There will be leaderboards to keep track of who is dominating amongst your group, but sadly the stats will then disappear after each session is over.

Game modes

Bandicoot Battle will feature two competitive game modes, each allowing a maximum of four players and mainly focusing on timeliness. There may be more to come in the future, but here is what to expect in the base game.

  • Checkpoint Race: Instead of racing to complete entire levels, users will take turns attempting to beat out the time their opponents took to get to checkpoints. Thus, you will not be racing at the same time, but players will notice the ghosts of others to see how far ahead or behind they are compared to the competition.
  • Crate Combo: This mode is quite similar, but a winner is decided based on how many points each character earns from smashing crates. If they are hit in a timely manner, a point modifier is granted and can remain so long as the player does not slow down.

Additionally, a co-op mode, aptly named Pass N. Play, is included. In this mode, four players will partake in the single-player campaign together, but each will have to surrender the controller once they die. There are over 100 standard levels, but Pass N. Play can also be accessed in the game’s mirror mode N. Verted stages.


The good news is that there are technically two new characters included in this installment. We say “technically” as Fake Crash and Fake CoCo are accessible in Bandicoot Battle, but they are unfortunately not in single-player or Pass N. Play. If these fakes are too offputting, regular Crash and CoCo are also available for competitive play.

In the reveal footage, it appears as if character skins can be applied in these modes, which is a nice touch considering how many there are to equip.