Currents Deep Beneath the Lanterns – Genshin Impact – how to get Azurite and Vermillionite

Second stage of the Lantern Rite.

Currents Deep Beneath the Lanterns is the second main Lantern Rite quest in Genshin Impact. Players will need to complete this quest to progress the Lantern Rite Festival event.

After receiving the quest upon logging in, players will need to go and speak with Wangya in Liyue Harbor. She will send you on a mission to find Azurite and Vermillionite.

To get the Azurite, follow the waypoint and then interact with the Bloaty Floatie. You will need to have a bow user in your party to shoot down the balloons.

When that is done, dig at the roots of the Bloaty Floatie to find the Azurite. Make your way to the second waypoint and prepare to fight a Ruin Hunter. The Ruin Hunter fight is just a standard fight against this enemy, so equip your strongest characters, bring some Electro and Pyro abilities if you have them, and it won’t be an issue. After defeating them, you will receive the Vermillionite. Return to Wangya when you have both items.

A young girl will ask Wangya to help her make a Lantern, so you will be tasked with checking out the docks. You will find a suspicious man at the docks, so speak with him, then investigate the three points marked by the bright arrows. Finally, grab the supplies you need and return them to Wangya.

After telling her about the suspicious man, she will ask you to inform the Ministry of Civil Affairs. They will need you to travel Guili plains to inform a member of the Millelith about what you have seen.

When you get to the waypoint in Guili Plains, you will find a large group of Hilichurls and some barricades. Take them all out, then speak with the Millelith. After that, you need to return to the original crime scene at the docks.

The next steps involves traveling to Mondstadt to speak with Kaeya, who will tell you to go to Windrise and speak with an informant of his there. The informant will give you the location of a group of Treasure Hunters. Fight them and they will agree to give you a note that they have. Go and meet the person who gave them the note, fight them, and then return to Jiyai at the Ministry to wrap up the quest.