Cyberpunk 2077 – all romance options

Cyberpunk 2077

There is plenty of romance to be found in Night City, so in this guide we will run through the various romance options in the game. First, a quick list of who can be romanced, and as what kind of V.

After that, we will get into the details, as we currently know them, about each romance option. This will take quite a bit of playtime to uncovered completely, so you will need to bear with us while we fill in all the details.

Romance Options

  • Judy Alvarez (female) – Lesbian
  • Kerry Eurodyne (male) – Gay
  • Meredith Stout (female) – Heterosexual
  • Panam Palmer (female) – Heterosexual
  • River Ward (male) – Heterosexual
  • Rogue – Johnny Silverhand only
  • Joytoys – transactionary

Joytoys are prostitutes that you can find at JigJig. Your own character’s gender doesn’t matter, nor does theirs.

Judy Alvarez

For Judy, you will need to play through her missions in the story, and her side missions. There are two main decision to be made to keep Judy interested in you. During the “Pisces” mission, refuse payment from Maiko, and during “Pyramid Song”, accept her invite to go diving with her. You will get a chance to kiss her in the bathroom, and the next day can tell her you feel like it is the start of something good.

This guide is under construction.