Cyberpunk 2077 Birds With Broken Wings: Should You Tell Solomon Reed About Songbird’s Escape?

You have the chance to talk with Soloman Reed about Songbird during Cyberpunk 2077’s Birds With Broken Wings, but should you?

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Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty expansion gives you the chance to make some critical choices as you work your way through this spy-thriller storyline. You can’t trust everyone, which means you shouldn’t always tell the full truth to those around you, even your teammates. There’s a choice where you can talk to Solomon Reed, and bring up Songbird’s plan to escape.

After speaking with Songbird, she’ll share her plan to escape everyone in Night City and get away from them. However, this would leave a lot of people strung up and in trouble, namely Solomon Reed, and the President of the New United States. Should you tell Solomon Reed about Songbird planning to escape in Cyberpunk 2077’s Birds with Broken Wings mission in Phantom Liberty?

What Happens If You Tell Solomon Reed about Songbird Escaping in Birds With Broken Wings?

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After you talk with Songbird and call Reed, you can tell him the two of you need to talk. Although he won’t let it happen over the holo, he’ll appear in the upcoming place where you need to update your Cyberpunk 2077 character’s Chrome. There, you can tell him about Songbird’s intention to escape, and the plan she will enact during the upcoming mission.

Shortly after you tell Reed about Songbird’s plan, Reed will thank you for your candor. The situation means a lot for him because, from what he’s telling you, he’s trying his best to do what he thinks is best for Songbird, making everything more complicated. Telling Reed the truth during your Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty playthrough is a good way to gain his trust, potentially making things easier for him to prepare for the mission that’s about to happen.

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This can feel like a complicated choice to make, and it is. You’ll be trying to use the trust you’ve gained with Songbird against her, but hopefully, by the end of it, everything should line up to benefit her at the end of this mission in Cyberpunk 2077.

What Happens If You Don’t Tell Solomon Reed About Songbird Escaping in Birds With Broken Wings?

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When you choose not to tell Reed about what you and Songbird talk about, he won’t be the wiser about what happened. He’ll know the two of you talked, but he won’t see the context of the situation. Regardless of whether you tell him or not, he’s going to meet you at your next destination in the Cyberpunk 2077 story and quickly oversee the surgery you’re about to undergo.

He’s there to provide context for the device he’s asking to put inside you. Not only does he give you context, but he shares that he’s weary about Songbird, and wants you to immobilize her during the mission so you can cart her away. He comes up with this choice on his own, without needing to know about Songbird’s imminent plan. However, he won’t mention that he trusts your Cyberpunk 2077 character, as he does when you tell him the truth.

Is It Better to Talk With Solomon or Not In Birds With Broken Wings in Cyberpunk 2077?

When it comes down to it during the Birds With Broken Wings mission, Reed will tell you that he trusts you for telling him the truth. You build a partnership with him in this moment, whereas if you don’t tell him what’s happening, he won’t know how to prepare. For my playthrough, I went through and told Reed the truth in the hope of making it easier to prepare for Songbird’s move against him and, potentially, against my character. I feel like this is the better choice to make, especially given Songbird’s situation in Cyberpunk 2077.