Cyberpunk 2077 Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos: Should You Accept Yoko’s Proposal?

You have a choice to work with Yoko and Mr. Hands during Cyberpunk 2077’s Black Steel in The Hour of Chaos mission. Should you say yes?

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Everyone in Night City wants a cut of the pie, and your Cyberpunk 2077 character can choose if they want to give someone a slice or not. After you meet up with Yoko, a NetRunner recommended by Mr. Hands during the Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos mission, she’s going to ask if she can know more about what’s going on for the mission.

Yoko is not interested in the person being transported for the meeting. Instead, she’s more concerned about the ones transporting her and wants to know the coordinates of what’s happening. It’s a small risk to clue her into the situation, but she’s willing to pay you a large sum for the information. Should you accept Yoko’s Proposal or ignore her during Cyberpunk 2077’s Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos mission?

What Happens When You Accept Yoko’s Proposal in Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos?

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Shortly after you receive the information from Yoko, she’ll make the offer you can accept. If you do this, you’ll promise to contact Mr. Hands before you begin your operation in an attempt to save Songbird from her captors in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty.

When you make this choice, wait until a bit later when you meet up with Reed at the abandoned hotel. After you’ve finished your plan and completed a thorough way to ambush the oncoming convoy, reach out to Mr. Hands. You’ll have a chance to text him the information, and he’ll clean up everything after completing your mission. He won’t intervene when it’s happening, leaving your Cyberpunk 2077 character to their work.

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What Happens When You Decline Yoko’s Proposal in Black Steel in The Hour of Chaos?

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If you choose not to work with Yoko or Mr. Hands, you don’t have to send them the mission coordinates. You’ll avoid attempting to give them any knowledge about what you and Reed are working on in an attempt to save Songbird in Cyberpunk 2077, and it does mean you won’t earn any additional money on the side from this primary mission.

Should You Take Yoko’s Proposal in Cyberpunk 2077?

Having accepted the deal on my playthrough and working with Mr. Hands, I didn’t notice too much of a significant impact on the main story. Mr. Hands plays a massive part in the side things of Cyberpunk 2077, and not too much in the more significant aspects. Because of this, saying yes or no is entirely up to you. The yes might be better cause it does earn you some Euro Dollars, whereas saying no doesn’t do too much to change the larger story, especially as you get closer to the end with Reed and Songbird in your playthrough.