Cyberpunk 2077 Spider and the Fly: How to Defeat Chimera in Phantom Liberty

In the Spider and the Fly mission for Cyberpunk 2077, you’ll have to take on Chimera and its drones.

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During Spider and the Fly, one of the opening missions for Cyberpunk 2077’s expansion Phantom Liberty, you’ll be tasked with escorting President Myers to a safe location in Dogtown. As things start to get a bit hairy, you’ll end up cornered and under attack by a wave of enemies. This is when Songbird links into a nearby massive tank-like robot called Chimera and has it help you to end the onslaught of combatants.

But things turn for the worse after Songbird loses control of the Chimera, and it sets its sights on you and Myers. After a brief chase sequence, you’ll end up going head-to-head against this juggernaut of a machine. Here is what you need to know to defeat Chimera in the Phantom Liberty expansion for Cyberpunk 2077.

How to Beat Chimera in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty

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The Chimera – or going by its full name Chimera 0005-C M – fight can be broken down into three different phases during your Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty playthrough.

The first phase will see you targeting specific parts, the second will have you taking out repair drones, and in the third phase, you will just have to focus on dishing out as much damage as you can to Chimera. Before you begin, though, it’s a good idea to search the area if you’re running low on ammo. On the second floor where this battle takes place, you’ll find loads of ammo containers at each corner, along with a few weapons if you’re in need of something different. If you’ve got your Body stats up high enough, there are a few heavy weapon placements scattered around you can pick up to use.

How to Destroy All of the Chimera’s Weak Points in Phantom Liberty

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During this first phase against Chimera, you’ll need to ‘destroy all of the Chimera’s weak points’ before you can start doing some severe damage. You’ll want to scan the target and use any available Quickhacks that might be helpful to you, and keep this up throughout the fight. I found that I could use a Quickhack like Short Circuit or Overheat, but because there’s a ton of HP on Chimera, I didn’t notice much of an impact during the fight – but every bit can help over time.

To get through this first phase, you need to shoot at the highlighted orange weak points that will be destroyed once you do enough damage. It’s a good idea here to also try and throw some of your grenades, which can take out multiple of these weak points in one go.

One of the attacks you’ll want to avoid is the giant red laser beam that fires in a sweep around the Chimera. Myers will sometimes warn you when this attack is about to happen. Use cover around the environment to block the beam, but be vigilant of the environmental destructibility and find somewhere else if your cover is destroyed. Don’t forget to use your meds if you end up low on health. The next phase will kick off once Chimera reaches 70% health.

How to Destroy the Repair Drones in Phantom Liberty

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Although this next part is an optional task, you’re going to have a much easier time with this fight if Chimera isn’t being constantly repaired. You’ll want to ‘destroy the repair drones’ while Chimera is down on the ground and not attacking. During this moment, a handful of attack drones will be flying around and targeting you, which is an excellent opportunity for you to focus your Quickhacks toward them.

Try and make the repair drones a priority here, and leave the attack drones for later. The quicker you deal with the drone repairing, the less health Chimera will recover.

Conquer the Chimera

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This last section will ask you to ‘defeat the Chimera,’ and you will want to focus all your firepower on it. There aren’t any weak points to target this time; instead, you’ll need to hit it with your best weapon. Chimera will continue to unleash a series of different attacks on you and Myers. If it is firing rockets, step away and avoid the slash damage. I found that heading up to the second floor was a good strategy. There’s a lot of cover to hide behind to block any incoming attacks, and there are plenty of holes for you to pop out of and fire from. Again, don’t forget to use your healing items and grenades as they recharge over time.

You should be able to make quick work of Chimera using these tactics. Once the fight is over, you’ll have the opportunity to pick up its Core.