Dancing on a Minefield gig – Cyberpunk 2077

Don’t put a foot wrong.

You can find the Dancing on a Minefield gig to the east of Night City, out in the desert. For this gig, you will need to make your way through some minefields and drones to get to an abandoned vehicle.

You will need to be extremely careful here, as the mine will instantly kill you if they go off. When you arrive at the warning sign for the Militech Minefield, just out of your vehcile and scan the surrounding area.

You will need to deactivate each mine on the route in to the car, as you will need to drive the car back out and won’t be able to take the risk of driving over one of the mines. This takes a little while, but just make sure you deactivate the mines so you have a nice wide route back out.

There will be three drones patroller the area that you can deal with as you see fit. You can either hack them, or shoot them. We went with the option of destroying them via long-ranged sniper fire. Make sure you don’t shoot them if they are too close to the car, as they might set off a mine, destroying the vehicle.

When you get to the car, search the body beside it, then jump in. Carefully drive the car back out and drop it off at the garage 2km away. This will wrap up the mission netting you plenty of Eddies and Street Cred.