How to get Smoldering Bloodhide in Dauntless


Upgrading and crafting weapons and gear in Dauntless requires a list of ever harder to acquire resources and reagents to build them out of. A lot of them come from Behemoths and can be collecting by breaking certain parts of the monster you fight in the game. Getting some Smouldering Bloodhide can be downright dangerous. In this guide, we show you where to find it.

How To Get Smouldering Bloodhide In Dauntless

You can get Smouldering Bloodhide from the Bloodfire Embermane. The resource is a rare drop, so may take a few attempts to farm. The Bloodfire Embermane is a Dire Behemoth, meaning it is tough and hits real hard. There is no real room to mess up in these fights, you want to bring armor that will reduce Blaze Damage, and a weapon that will do Frost Damage for the best results. You don’t need to break any specific parts of the Bloodfire Embermane to get the resource; it is just an RNG drop at the end of the fight.

If you are pretty early in the game, you won’t have access to the Dire Behemoths yet, but you also shouldn’t need anything they drop to progress in the game. Just keep playing through the story quest until you reach the Dire Warnings quest, and this will be your first taste of fighting the Dire Behemoths.

Attack patterns from the Bloodfire Embermane can also vary a lot from the lesser Embermanes you will have fought up to that point, so don’t make the mistake of thinking you know exactly how the fight will happen. If you can, go into Dire Behemoth fights with a well organised and equipped team of Slayers, to make these tough fights a bit easier.