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Dead by Daylight: Best Ellen Ripley Survivor Perks Build

Ellen Ripley is the ultimate Survivor, driven by a keen instinct, impeccable senses, and a will to live in Dead by Daylight's Trials.

The Dead by Daylight Alien Chapter added The Xenomorph Killer, The Nostromo Wreckage Map, and Ellen Ripley Survivor to an already amazing lineup of characters. Ellen Ripley is a true hero, someone who has literally stared down at impossible odds against the most terrifying creature in the universe and come out on top on multiple occasions.

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In Dead by Daylight, Ellen Ripley’s Survivor perks are based on her experiences from the Alien movie franchise. They bring a lot to the table for players who are tough and always try to win a Trial regardless of the odds, which is why we wanted to create what we believe is the perfect Ellen Ripley Survivor build.

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The Best Ellen Ripley Survivor Perks Build in Dead by Daylight

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Our best Survivor build in Dead by Daylight using Ellen Ripley’s perks is outlined below. This build adds to the skills the new perks give players, enhancing survivability and the power to persevere even when the Killer is massacring Survivors. After crafting this build, we played with it in a few Trials and won every single one, even helping most Survivors escape the Killer’s clutches.


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This section explains all the perks used in the best Ellen Ripley Survivor build in Dead by Daylight and why we’re using them. The first three are Ellen Ripley’s exclusive perks and can’t be used with other Survivors until players prestige the Survivor once.

Chemical Trap

The Chemical Trap perk allows Ellen Ripley to place a trap on a fallen pallet after completing at least 70% of a generator’s progress. Pressing the second active ability button will see Ripley place the trap on the fallen pallet, where it will stay for 100-120 seconds. The aura of this trap is marked in yellow for all Survivors, and when the Killer breaks that pallet, it’ll slow them for a few seconds.

This perk is all about helping other Survivors and teasing the Killer. The trap will effectively stun a Killer mid-chase and give any Survivor a few seconds to escape. We think it works best when Ripley places the trap and then draws the Killer away from another Survivor when they’re injured and being chased.

Drawing the Killer into this trap will stop them in their tracks, free the fellow Survivor, and prevent anyone from being hooked for a while. It’s just the kind of move we’d expect from Ripley in a movie, so it makes perfect sense in this build.


This perk is only active while Ripley is healthy in a Dead by Daylight Trial. When running, the Survivor’s footsteps are silent. After a rushed action is performed, the perk goes on a short cooldown but can then be active again.

This is a great passive perk that works wonders against any Killers. Ripley is silent as she runs off, meaning the Killer might see scratch marks, but without any groaning or footsteps being heard, they don’t bother chasing. We experimented with this in a few Trials, and it truly does pay off. It makes it possible for players to run away from a generator as the Killer approaches, only to hide around the corner and return because they give up looking for Survivors.

Light-Footed plays into Chemical Trap because Ripley can run as much as she wants without making a sound until that rushed action is performed. If that rushed action is vaulting over a trapped pallet, then the Killer cannot catch her anyway, so noise doesn’t make a difference.

Note that this perk is always active until a rushed action is performed, so it’s effectively infinite silent running for any Survivor using it.

Lucky Star

Lucky Star is Ripley’s final exclusive perk in Dead by Daylight. It actives when she enters a locker, causing her to be completely silent, making no grunts of pain and leaving no pools of blood if injured for a short period of time. It’s like every scene where she hides in a locker from the Xenomorph and manages to escape unscathed.

After exiting the locker, Ripley will see the aura of other Survivors and the closet generator. It’s a way of showing off her amazing sense of her surroundings. This makes finding the next generator so much easier, something we struggled with until we used this perk to help us.

There are very few perks that make hiding from Killers in lockers a viable tactic, but this one works excellently. We used it after getting hit and needing to take a break, and the Killer walked right on by. It doesn’t last long, so it needs to be timed well, but it does help keep a Survivor alive in a Dead by Daylight Trial if they’re hit and can’t use Light-Footed.


Resilience is the fourth and only non-exclusive perk we’ve added to this Ellen Ripley Survivor build for Dead by Daylight. It makes the survivor motivated in dire situations, slightly increasing their repair, sabotage, blessing, gate opening, and healing speed while injured.

We wanted this perk in the build because all of the others force players to get up close and personal with the nasty Killers in each Trial. Hiding doesn’t do anything to make use of them, so players need to be actively moving around. With a perk that boosts performance when injured, there’s no need to worry about the drawbacks of taking a hit.

The way we see this perk working is that players can distract the Killer, draw them into a trapped pallet, and then escape. If they take a hit, it only means they can get over to a generator and push the repair progress while they wait for another Survivor to drop by and heal them.

Ultimately, if a player uses this build, all other Survivors will see them as helpful. This will make them want to heal the player so they can continue to perform and stun or distract the Killer, giving everyone a better chance at escaping the Dead by Daylight Trial.

Item and Add-Ons: Toolbox

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We believe the Toolbox is the best item for any Ellen Ripley Survivor build in Dead by Daylight. It suits her character down to the ground, giving her the power to repair generators faster in the face of danger. She’s not about healing herself up in the corner. She needs to be repairing and helping her team escape because she couldn’t possibly do less than give 100% to try to keep them alive.

Any add-ons will work with this build, but we feel that the truly lore-friendly ones are Socket Swivels, which increases repair speed, and Scraps, which add more charges to the Toolbox. The add-ons should play to the strength of Ellen Ripley’s perks, which means keeping her in the field repairing generators even if things look bleak.

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