Dead Island 2: Coach’s Car & Keys Location

Anyone up for a game of tennis?

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If you’re looking for some high-quality weapons in Dead Island 2, then finding and opening lockboxes is a great way of upgrading your arsenal. These lockboxes are spread all over Hell-A, and figuring out how to open them can sometimes be challenging. One of the first you’ll encounter in Bel-Air is the Coach’s Car. Here is everything you need to know about finding and opening the Coach’s Car in Dead Island 2.

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Where to find Coach’s Car in Dead Island 2

You’ll be able to find the Coach’s Car on the corner of Access Road 781 and Access Road 782. To open this lockbox, you’re going to need to have the Coach’s Car Keys. To find these keys, though, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve progressed far enough in the main story.

Where to find Coach’s Car Keys in Dead Island 2

Once you’ve reached the second or third district in Dead Island 2 and the special infected have started to spawn, then you should be good to go back for this fight. Revisit Bel-Air to solve this lockbox.

Head to the Coach’s Car, as this will be your starting point. Considering this zombie you’re looking for is a Coach, that should give you an idea of where you’ll need to look. If you open your map, there is a tennis court off Access Road 781, which is to the west of the car. Navigate to this location, and you’ll find that Coach Ace is hanging around the tennis court. If Coach Ace has a skull above its head, then you’re in for a harder fight, consider maybe coming back at a later stage in the game.

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Be sure to quickly dispose of this special runner zombie. An electric shuriken is a handy throwable to have for this encounter, as it will interrupt and stop them in their tracks. After you’ve killed this named zombie, they will drop the Coach’s Car Keys. Head back to the Coach’s Car to open the lockbox, and you’ll be rewarded with a new weapon for battling the walking dead.