Dead or Alive 6: How to Counter Break, Throw and Hold

The new edition of fighting series Dead or Alive 6 is finally available. In order to become unbeatable you will need to familiarize yourself with a series of far from simple commands. Here is how to counter attacks in Dead or Alive 6.

A counter occurs in the game when you land an attack on your opponent at the exact same time as they attempt to do an attack of the same kind. While they can be tricky to pull of due to the precise timing required, counters can cause more damage, as well as potentially causing a Critical Stun.

How to Counter Break, Throw & Hold in Dead or Alive 6?

Dead or Alive 6: Counter Break

To counter break in Dead or Alive 6, however, you simply need to land an attack while your enemy is performing an attack animation on you. Being successful with a counter break will result in it appearing on screen and you being given a brief window to attack while the enemy in knocked down.

Dead or Alive 6: Counter Throw

To Counter Throw, you need to press X and Square on Playstation 4 (A and X if you’re playing on Xbox One) as your opponent is attempting to perform a throw on you. This will see your character come out on top of the throw animation and deal damage to your opponent, not suffering the initial damage that would have been done by the opponent’s throw attempt.

Dead or Alive 6: Counter Hold

Finally, to counter hold in the game, you need to press the Hold button (which is left on the d-pad and Square if you’re on Playstation 4 or left on the d-pad and B if you’re on Xbox One) right as an opponent begins to attack with a punch or a kick. Like all counter moves, it requires precise timing and you’ll likely fail many of your attempts as you learn it.

That’s everything you need to know about how to counter in Dead or Alive 6. Have fun!