Dead or Alive 6 | How to turn your back on your opponent

Dead or Alive 6 is the last chapter of the famous fighting game franchise. This sixth chapter adds new mechanics and new mechanisms that give an intriguing and interesting gameplay. Besides the mastery of the new triangle system and new features like the Break Gauge System, it is important to remember that some characters hit with greater damage according to their position. In particular, the greatest damage is done when you show, strangely, your back to the opponent. So here’s how to turn your back on your opponent in Dead or Alive 6.

How to turn your back on your opponent in Dead or Alive 6?

Dead or Alive 6 How turn back on your opponent

Each character in Dead or Alive 6 can turn his back to his opponent and inflict more damage when activating a combo. It is an efficient and curious risk / reward system that favors the brave and the daring as it opens up your character to suffer more damage, but in turn inflicts more.

To turn your back on the opponent simply press Triangle on the PlayStation 4 or Y on the Xbox One while you are making a combo. So to effectively use this move you will have to be quick and make sure that the transition to this dangerous position becomes almost part of the combo you are trying to reach. Obviously it is absolutely not recommended to turn around and then cancel the combo.

Be careful, it’s an advantageous, but also very dangerous move.