What Are Likes In Death Stranding, And How To Get More Of Them

Death Stranding Screenshot

Who doesn’t enjoy acknowledgment for a job well done? In Death Stranding, such recognition takes the form of Likes. You can both give and receive Likes, which are a way to interact with other players and the world around you. You can award them to other players if they have built a structure in the world that you found helpful, and you can earn then for structures that you create. You can also receive them through passive use of your structures, every time a player uses one of them.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETo Like something, walk close to it, and a small prompt will appear. Hit the touchpad once to give a like, or tap it repeatedly to give many likes before the on-screen meter fills up.

What Are Likes Used For?

Every time you finish a delivery, you will get rated by NPCs. Getting rated can also earn you likes. If you haven’t damaged the cargo, and you deliver it on time, then more Likes will come your way. This process is vital because, at the end of each delivery, your Porter Rating will be impacted by how many Likes you get from all sources. As you get more and more likes and better ratings, you will get a boost to your abilities. As such, it is useful to try and earn as many as you can.

How To Get More Likes

The best way to get more likes is to build useful structures. Other players would greatly appreciate a bridge in a well-traveled but awkward part of the map. When you are looking at the landscape, try to find the most useful and efficient items and places to build. Other players will be grateful, and the Likes will come rolling in.

Getting your cargo delivered on time and in good condition is a vital way to earn Likes in Death Stranding. Those NPC likes will all add up over time, and you can even deliver more than the mission requires to get more of them. The game also contains premium deliveries, which are a little harder than average but will reward you with more Likes. When you are comfortable with the game, it is a good idea to try some of these premium deliveries. You can also delivery Lost Cargo. These items used to be owned by other players, but they lost them and did not finish their delivery. Feel free to give them a hand and pick up the slack.

Death Stranding also allows you to place down signs that can help other players. If you find an easy route or a dangerous area, you can mark it with a sign which other players can then Like.

The best way to earn Likes is to fully embrace the idea of the connected worlds, and all the other couriers out there who are trying to deliver their items. If you see something that could help someone else, then do it to earn those all-important Likes.