Yakuza 0 Chapter 12 Walkthrough | Den of Desires, Masaru Sera Boss


Homare Nishitani saves Goro Majima in the previous chapter Murky Riverbed, after which Goro heads to save Makimura. In this chapter to save Makoto first as Goro you have to do a lot of battles to reach to the main boss Sera. After defeating him in the end you will learn the location of the blind girl.

Yakuza 0 Chapter 12 Walkthrough

Ensnared Walkthrough

In the end, you will earn 75,000,000 yen after completing the chapter.

Go To The Camellia Grove

The chapter starts with a cutscene where Goro will talk to Sagawa. After this two of you will split to find Makimura. You will see three Nikkyo men as you search around the corner.

Find Makoto

Fight with these three men first and then move to the next area. There will be four more who will jump out of the water. Fight them off and more will appear from the pool. Defeat them and go towards the next hallway where and fight with a group of four more. You will have to face two more waves of enemies. And with each wave, you will a bit stronger enemies to deal with. You have to beat the men to open the next section to progress. This fight is very much similar to the one you fought at Tojo Clan’s headquarter. Next, you will reach a room where you will be fighting with men who are wearing Kimonos.

Progress to next hallway and fight with eight enemies. You will reach stairs, before going down don’t forget to grab Staminan Royale. Take the stairs and go up. Go to the next room and on your way, you will have to play a quick time event. Just press the right keys as reflected on the screen to roll into a closing door. Next, you will be facing enemies in a group of six and then eight wearing Kimonos. As you pass through the next hallway you will find enemies with dual-wielding fans. They can throw them from a distance so you have to dodge this. Go right and you will find Toughness ZZ. Keep fighting to get access to the stairs.

Before you go down look on the right and you will see Toughness ZZ. Swing around the left side where you can get Staminan XX and Toughness ZZ. At this point you can earn They Won’t Mind trophy. For this before taking the stairs, go to the room on the right. At the left corner on the back, you will find a small safe, beat to break it and you get ¥100,000,000 with the trophy. Take the stairs and on top, you will find Sera. Go to Nikkyo Consortium and then comes a Boss Fight.

Tips To Defeat Masaru Sera – Boss Fight

Similar to previous bosses Masaru Sera will also have three level of the health bar. As he is not yielding any weapon it is easier to attack him. You have to watch out for heat attacks, his punches are pretty hard. You will see a pink glow on his punches, that is the time to run away because once you are caught in this combos he will not pity you. The same thing he can do with his legs, also take care when he blocks your attack with his left hand. He will get more aggressive as the health bar goes down. Avoid staying in the corner and try to lure him to the center. He can attack you from his left and then release a few combos that can drain out your health pretty fast. To avoid that stay back a bit and let him attack first, and then begin your combos as he pauses for a while. Keep running around to lure him to attack.

Once you had done defeating Masaru Sera, he will tell you that Makimura is moved to Kamurocho under the care of a real estate firm. Next Sagawa will come and shoot Sera. Both will find out that Makimura is taken away by Kiryu. The chapter ends here, you can read our walkthrough on the next Chapter 13 Crime and Punishment. For more update and similar tips on the game, you can also read our Yakuza-0 Wiki guide.