Destiny 2: Best Microtransactions for New Players, Explained

Many people find the Eververse in Destiny 2 frightening, but if you know what microtransactions to look for, it’s not as horrible as it seems.

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It’s no secret that during Destiny’s run, the Eververse and its owner, Tess Everis, turned into a meme. She’s still up to no good with her pricey items and long, bewildering catalog. Because there is a deep list of goods you can purchase, there might be some confusion as to what is good and what can be avoided. But if something in particular does grab your attention, you’re always welcome to check it out.

However, if you’re unsure of what to aim for in the store, we’ll break it down for you in each area so you’re making some great decisions. Here are the best microtransactions in Destiny 2 if you’re a new player.

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What Expansions Should You Get in Destiny 2?

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This isn’t a silly question to ask, thanks to the various options you’ll see in the shop. There are base expansions and season passes that are named similarly but serve different purposes, particularly for the latest releases. There are also options for future releases that haven’t been released yet, so research what each expansion entails before making a purchase. There are bonuses for preordering upcoming content, but that’s not really necessary if it’s too far out from release.

As a rule, you should always invest in getting the latest expansions first, especially if you’re not looking into buying all the past ones. The reason for this is because of the seasonal content that accompanies the most current expansions. To participate fully, you’ll need access to the latest season pass. If there’s a particular exotic you’re looking for, or if you want to unlock exclusive subclasses, you’ll need to buy the relevant expansions. None of the sub-classes are mandatory, so don’t feel pressured to buy them if you’re just looking to compete with other players.

What Is Bright Dust in Destiny 2, and How To Use It?

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Bright Dust is a type of currency that players can get from completing certain in-game content. The items here are worth going for if, for any other reason, the currency for them is earnable in-game with no extra cost. The item selections are rotated daily, so if something catches your eye, be sure to grab it immediately. Here are all the gameplay activities that you can receive Bright Dusk for completing:

  • Season Pass Ranks
  • Gifts of Bright Dust
  • Weekly Event Bounties
  • Ritual Vendor Challenges
  • Repeatable Bounties
  • Large Bundle of Bright Dust
  • Seasonal Challenges

Out of all of these, only one of the options is better for those who have paid for the seasonal pass, and that is Seasonal Challenges. Everything else is available for everyone, even free-to-play players, except for Weekly Event Bounties, which are only available during certain events. Out of all these, the most lucrative option is the Seasonal Challenges, which earn you a grand total of 7,500 to 10,500 Bright Dusk for free and paid players, respectively.

What is Silver in Destiny 2, and Should You Buy It?

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The basic answer to this is no, but let us explain why silver is not as important as you may think. As you may be aware, silver can only be obtained with actual money. However, when you navigate through the tabs, you will notice that every option is cosmetic only. The reason for this is that Bungie is wary about making the game a pay-to-win experience where you have to pay more to participate. To be honest, that is the purpose of the expansions.

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If there is a piece of armor or a ghost shell that you can’t live without, then by all means purchase it, as it helps the developers put out more great content. The team has been excellent in making sure that there are plenty of good options for cosmetics that are earnable in-game, so don’t feel guilty throwing real money at Tess; we’ve all done it at one time or another.