Destiny 2 – Bound Manacle Location For The Essence of Insanity

Destiny 2

You will need the Bound Manacle in Destiny 2 to cleanse the Essence of Insanity. In this guide, we show you where to find it. This one is a little different from the others because you need to take out a powerful enemy to get your hands on the item.

Destiny 2 – Bound Manacle Location For The Essence of Insanity

Spawn in at Eris Morn and then make your way to the Hellmouth on the far side of the area. Head towards the Anchor of Light, and go straight on through following the pathway around to reach the Hellmouth. Hop off your Sparrow and run down into the Hellmouth. Take a left to go to the Gatehouse. Continue to follow the passage and head in the bright light door on the right in the next area. This passage brings you to a room with some enemies in it.

Run into the back of the room and prepare for a fight. An enemy called The Eternal Blade will drop down into the room. He hits hard and has a sizable health bar, so you want to be pretty close to 900 Power before you take him on. When you kill him, you will get the Bound Manacle item that you need.

The other part of this Essence is to get 100 kills with Grenade Launchers in Gambit. This task shouldn’t take too long. It took me two rounds to finish. Just watch the timing of the heavy ammo spawns and snap them up as they appear. Then, gather up groups of enemies behind you and take as many out in one go as you can with a grenade launcher round.

And that’s it. You will have Love and Death Grenade Launcher in no time now that you know where to find the Bound Manacle.