How To Get The Buzzard Vanguard Ritual Weapon In Destiny 2

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The Buzzard Sidearm is the Season of Dawn Vanguard Ritual Weapon. To begin your quest to get it, you visit Zavala in the Tower and accept the Anything That Moves quest.

To complete the Anything That Moves quest, you will need to perform the following feats in the Strikes playlists.

  • Sidearm Final Blows – 100%
  • Airborne Final Blows – 50
  • Points 0%

You need to use Sidearm to complete most of this quest. It doesn’t matter what Sidearm you use. Our personal favorite is the Rat King, both for effectiveness and style points. For Airborne final blows, it is best to weaken your enemy on the ground, jump in the air, and then deliver the killing shot. You acquire points from completing activities in the Strikes playlist and killing enemies.

The Buzzard has the following perks:

  • Vanguard Kinetic Sidearm
  • Adaptive Frame
  • Extended Barrel
  • Alloy Magazine
  • Outlaw/Fourth Time’s The Charm
  • Osmosis/Swashbuckler
  • Stability Masterwork

Osmosis is a new perk that allows the Buzzard to change the weapons damage type to match your Subclass. The effect lasts until you holster the weapon. This perk has been introduced with Season of Dawn and sounds like an easy way to help with other quests that require you to get kills with certain energy types.

Once you complete all the steps, return to Zavala at the Tower to collect your Buzzard Sidearm. Remember, you have the entire Season of Dawn to finish this quest and get your Buzzard Sidearm.