Destiny 2 – Where To Find The Conflux On Nessus

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

In Destiny 2, the Season of Opulence has just begun, and Guardians want to know how to get to the Conflux, on Nessus! No spoilers to be found here, only directions! Read on to find out how to get to the Conflux.

Where To Find The Conflux On Nessus

Conflux Nessus

The Conflux can be a little awkward to find, and honestly isn’t on the Lost Sectors that I can always remember. To get to it, go to Nessus and load in as close as you can to The Cistern. There will be a load in point right beside the Pools of Luminance, as you can see in the image above. You can see the entrance to the Conflux Lost Sector on the map above. It is the symbol just to above and to the left of where The Cistern is marked.

After that, hope on your Sparrow and follow the path over towards the north of The Cistern. Right over the far side, you will come to a small waterfall of vex milk, and the entrance to the Lost Sector can be found there. Drop down to the right of the red tree there, and you should be able to see the entrance.

Conflux Nessus

Head down into the corridor, down the ramp and follow the route all the way around. You will come to a room, move through it and keep going forward, then drop down the hole. You have now arrived at the Conflux!

Best of luck in the Season of Opulence Guardian, and may Calus bless you with many new weapons and pieces of armor.