Destiny 2 Deep Stone Crypt World’s First Race – Who won?

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light

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Update: November 21 5:54 PM — Clawtivity has finished the Raid, with Slayerage coming in second. Bungie will need confirm the win, but having watched about 12 different streams at once, we didn’t see anything out of place. For the full minute-by-minute recap, see below.

Original article: The Deep Stone Crypt Raid launches in Destiny 2 today, which means a huge number of teams will be racing to be the first team in the world to finish it. Doing so earns them the respect of the community, and some sweet prizes from Bungie.

While it’s never easy to stay up to date with everyone, and occasional darkhorse teams come out of nowhere to beat the pack, we will be doing our best to keep track of who exactly is in the lead. If you can’t find the time to watch Twitch, you will be able to use this article to stay up to date on who is winning the race to World’s First.

Who is winning?

  • 17:43 – Slayerage and his team just finished. That’s second place, but would be first if Bungie decides something was amiss in Clawtivity’s run.
  • 17:32 – Remember, Bungie will be taking a couple of days to confirm this, but from what I can see, Clawtivity are the only folks to make it back into Orbit yet.
  • 17:29 CT – Clawtivity back in Orbit!
  • 17:28 CT – Clawtivity has downed the boss!! Triumph and Chest both received. They gotta get back to orbit.
  • 17:26 CT – Clawtivity now well ahead of the pack. p2ower, who were closest, caught an unfortunate wipe.
  • 17:22 CT – Clawtivity is already back in the lead after the last wipe. That team is really starting to nail down the DPS phases.
  • 17:21 CT – A new contender, Mactics. Social media tells me they were super close but didn’t get it done. One to watch, maybe.
  • 17:16 CT – They wiped!!!! The health bar was so damn low and they wiped. The thing is, nobody else is too far ahead for them to catch. They might just get it on this run.
  • 17:15 CT – Clawtivity is so close I might catch a heart attack.
  • 17:01 CT – Right this second, Clawtivity is in the lead. I have 9 streams open across three monitors and that is the stream with the lower boss health bar. Only one-third of it left.
  • 17:01 CT – Datto has made it to the Taniks fight. That was actually pretty quick considering how long they go hung up on the first fight.
  • 16:53 CT – So it just got interesting. Slayerage was about halfway through the boss’s health when they hit engrage. Probably looking at another hard DPS check here for all the teams. Seeing as Slayerage ripped through the other bosses, you gotta think they can get it done.
  • 16:46 CT – Gothalion and Teawrex (on the same team) have made it to the final boss fight.
  • 16:35 CT – Things are starting to start up a little bit now at the final bossfight. Slayerage and Gigz are there, p2ower is there, a small steamer with around 60 people watching by the name of Clawtivity is there, and obkatiekat is there. There might be more, but those are the ones I can find.
  • 16:14 CT – p2ower, a small channel on Twitch, is on the last fight.
  • 16:11 CT – To give you an idea of the current disparity in teams. Slayerage seems to be on the last boss, Datto just finished the first boss, Gladd is still on the first boss, and Giz and Gothalion are on the Taniks chase section.
  • 16:07 CT – Slayerage is through the encounter! Taniks chased them down the hall but they made it in time. Looks like it’s time for another boss fight.
  • 16:02 CT – Slayerage’s team very nearly made it through the encounter but were wiped for reasons unknown after apparently making it through to the next section. Rough.
  • 15:48 CT – Slayerage, Gothalion, and Gigz have all moved onto the third stage now. Slayerage has a head start, however.
  • 15:22 CT – Deleting all the other stuff to keep this pretty clean. It’s just a running tally of who appears to be first, after all. Slayerage and his team have killed the second boss, but everyone else seems to be stuck there for now. The second boss, Atraks-1, is basically a hard DPS check.

When does it begin?

Deep Stone Crypt will begin today, November 21, at the following time:

  • 10 AM PT
  • 12 PM CT
  • 1 PM ET
  • 6 PM GMT

Important Information

Contest Mode Rules

  • Contest Mode will cap all players at 20 Power below each encounter for 24 hours. 
  • Artifact Power will be disabled during Contest Mode. 
  • 1230 Power is your team’s goal to be at the cap for all the encounters.  
  • Being above 1230 will not provide any additional advantage in the final fight.

World’s First Verification

For people going for World’s First, you will need to have your run verified by Bungie on their end, and your timer only ends when you return to orbit, so keep that in mind when you finally kill whatever the final boss is. You want to confirm the Raid is done, grab your loot, and get out of dodge.

Bungie has advised that confirmation of the World’s First team will take a little longer than usual this time, due to increased verification of the run. This means, even if you hear someone else has finished, keep on trucking because you never know it’s legit until Bungie confirms it is. This could take up to three days, so while we can tell you who we think won, or who the community thinks won, we will all need to wait for official confirmation from Bungie.