Destiny 2 – Divinity Exotic Quest Guide – Divine Fragmentation

Destiny 2 Raid Release

The World’s First race for the Garden of Salvation is over, but we have discovered a new Exotic Quest as a result! In this guide, we show you how to get the Divinity Exotic weapon. You will need to make it to the area the Raid begins from the Patrol zone, so we will also show you how to do that.

Destiny 2 – Divinity Exotic Quest Guide – Divine Fragmentation

To start the quest, you need to get to the area where the Raid begins while in Patrol mode. To do this, you need to head for the Lunar Battlegrounds. This area connections to the Sorrow’s Harbor area, via a red bridge on the right-hand side as you spawn in, about halfway down the area itself.

Lunar Battlegrounds

This area is mostly off the map, but you can see where the bridge you is on the map above, right beside my cursor. Once you get through to the Battlegrounds, turn left straight away, and you will see a rather large cave in the cliff opposite you. Enter here, and follow the path to the end.

Raid Start Patrol Area

You will reach the giant Vex Gate from the start of the Raid. You will need to wipe out three waves of enemies that come through, then take out the boss that shows up as well. When you do, they will drop an Exotic Engram. Pick it up to begin the quest. Thankfully the boss isn’t tough to kill. My Grenade Launcher easily defeated him.

Step One – Divine Fragmentation

The description tells you that you need a Vex Construct to figure out what the Fragment is for, but that there are none on the moon.

Part 1 – Nessus

Conflux Entrance Location

Head to Nessus, and make your way to the Cistern. You want to go to The Conflux Lost Sector. The entrance to the Conflux is in the red box above.

The Conflux

When you get into the Lost Sector itself, look up and to the right, as you walk in, you will be able to small a small recessed room. Jump up to it, and you will find a Construct. Activate it, then kill the Vex that spawn in, then interact with the Construct to gain 33% progress on the analysis of the Fragment. In the image above, the entrance to the Conflux itself is on the right. The entrance to the small room you are looking for is on the left.

Part 2 – The Orrery Lost Sector On Nessus

The Orrery

Spawn at Artifacts Edge, drop down and head in the Lost Sector on the left. When you reach the stairs that lead to the boss, look up and to the left. The room you need is in the shadows above you, so climb up and repeat the same process as the first time.

Part 3 – Ancient’s Haunt Lost Sector on Nessus

Ancient's Haunt

Head for Ancients Haunt in the Tangle. Just after you meet Pakrion, the Wanted escapee, you will see a small cave on the left. The Construct is in there.

Step 2 – Sol Divisive Parts

The ghost has decided he needs 120 Sol Divisive Parts for the next step. Just go to the Vex Offensive and rack up loads of kills. Each one will get you a Decryption Core Fragment. You need 120 of them to proceed to the next step.

Step 3 – Buy An Item

You need to buy an item from the Lectern of Enchantment for 30 Phantasmal Essence. Just spawn at Eris Morn and grab it from the Lectern. If you need Phantasmal Essence, I would suggest you farm the Nightmares at Sorrow’s Harbor.

Step 4 – Raid Time

You need to get to the secret room in the Garden of Salvation Raid and scan the object there. Doing so causes tethers to appear in various points in the Raid, but the rest of this step is currently a mystery.

This guide is being updated as we progress through the quest.