Destiny 2 – Essence of Anguish – How Work With Eris Morn To Find A Solution

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is here again, and Eris Morn has some work for you to do. The Essence of Anguish quest step is something Eris will give you are you are playing around on the Moon, working your way through the new content contained in Shadowkeep. It can get a little confusing, however.

Destiny 2 – Essence of Anguish – How Work With Eris Morn To Find A Solution

Essence of Anguish

The first part of the quest requires you to finish three bounties on the Moon. Just grab the Bounties from Eris, then finish them up as quick as you like. They usually are pretty easy to do, and won’t take very long. Just be careful about where you try and complete them, as you might be a little low on Power level to survive against some of the moons enemies.

It is when that part ends that things get a little confusing, as the Bounty will tell you to “work with Eris Morn” to find a solution to the fact that the Essence will not transform into a piece of Dreambane armor.

What you need to do, but it explains poorly, is continue to play through the Shadowkeep campaign. You will need to do the following things:

  • Complete the Scarlet Keep strike that you can launch from the map. This strike is fairly fun, but not hugely difficult, even solo.
  • Complete the In The Deep quest.
  • Cleanse the Essence of Anguish using the Lectern of Enchantment that opens up at this point in the campaign.

And that’s it! Just follow the storyline, complete the missions, and eventually, you will get to where you need to be to finish up the Essence of Anguish. Best of luck, Guardian!