Destiny 2 – Everything We Know About Festival of The Lost

 Destiny 2 – Everything We Know About Festival of The Lost

It’s getting close to the spooky season, which means a return of the Festival of The Lost to Destiny 2. It’s been a big year for Guardians, with the Red War, Vex shenanigans, worm gods on Mars, and the Scorn showing up to cause all sorts of new problems. As such, Amanda Holliday has taken it upon herself to organize some festivities. Festival of the Lost will begin for all Destiny 2 players on October 16, nicely lined up with the weekly reset.

Festival of the Lost

The Festival will once again see the Tower being all dolled up with various decorations. There will be new Triumphs available, for people who love upping that Triumph score! Holliday will also be offering daily bounties that award Fragmented Souls. These can be handed in to purchase masks, as well as the Horror Story Legendary Auto Rifle.

A new edition to the Festival this year will be the Haunted Forest. Guardians will need to go in there and fight various minions and monsters. Runs are limited to fifteen minutes, and Guardians will have to get as deep into the forest as they can, clearing waves of enemies as they go. Needless to say, as you get deeper, threats become graver, and enemies tougher to kill. The mode will be available for solo runs, with your Fireteam, or via matchmaking for those who want to team up with strangers.

Haunted Forest
Haunted ForestBungie • Fair Use

A new quest will see us trying to hunt down the people who killed Master Ives. For those who can’t remember, Ives was the Cryptarch based on the Reef. I know a lot of people who would go to him, convinced that Rahool was short changing them, and keeping the best loot for himself. Well, it seems Ives has been murdered, and it will be up to us to track down his killers.

On top of all this, Ephemeral Engrams can be earned by leveling up, in conjunction with Steadfast Engrams that you currently earn. This will basically double your loot from the Eververse for the duration. That is all we know so far, as the event rolls out, and hopefully more secrets are uncovered, we will, of course, be keeping you up to date!

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