Destiny 2 Exorcism mission error, how to finish the mission – Severing the Worm quest

Error terror.

Image via Bungie

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The Exorcism mission has gone live in Destiny 2, but players are running into all manner of errors and don’t know how to finish the mission. The first step of the Severing the Worm quest is to help Mara Sov perform the exorcism of Savathun and sever the link to Xivu Arath.

First, players need to visit the HELM and speak with Mara Sov, then click on the Dreaming City and click on the newly added Exorcism node on the map in the Director. From there it should just be a matter of following the on-screen instructions and defending the Queen while she performs the ritual.

Sadly, there are a number of places where things can go wrong. If Guardians get too far from each other, the missions seem to have trouble loading segments, and entire sections of the bridge can fail to load, giving players no way to progress. Others will get stuck on a section that asks them to help the Corsairs, and sometimes people who complete the mission will not gain the progress they need for the quest, which does then not allow them to move on to the next step.

The important thing right now appears to be patience. Move slowly through the missions, clearly enemies, and moving as a group seems to be the best way to try to ensure you can keep progressing. For now, though, all we can really do is wait for Bungie to patch in some fixes, as so many people are having issues it seems to be a very widespread problem.

One thing to keep in mind right now is that if you skip the cutscenes it will skip it for the entire party, so try to stay patient so everyone can enjoy the lore.