Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2020 – start date and rewards

Time to bump back.

Image via Bungie

It is time to get spooky again in Destiny 2, as the Festival of the Lost returns. The game’s traditional Halloween celebration is a good time to grab some free loot and kill plenty of monsters.

Eva Levante is once again coming back to the Tower to shepherd us all through another event, guiding us towards loot, glory, and scary times. It is probably our last little bit of fun as Guardians as various planets are evacuated the Pyramid Ships draw ever closer.

When is The Festival of the Lost

The Festival of the Lost 2020 will run from October 6 to November 3. Between those two dates you will be able to go on runs in the Haunted Forest, trying to get as deep as you can before you run into an enemy too powerful to take out. This time we will be hooking up with the Spider, who has something he wants us to do in the dark recesses of this cursed place.

Festival of the Lost Rewards

A new Exotic Sparrow, ship, and Ghost are all wrapped up and ready for your collection. There are also new Triumphs to unlock, new masks to wear, and more chances to get a perfect roll with new perk possibilities on the Braytech Werewolf and Horror Story Auto Rifles.

Eva will have a new Masquerader Helmet for us to get, and there will be the usual slew of Masks to wear, although this time they will be Ornaments, which is a nice touch. We will also be able to earn all new spooky armor Ornaments, the broomstick Sparrow returns, and there will be a new finisher up for grabs called The One-inch Punch.