Destiny 2 For the War to Come quest guide – Iron Banner Season of the Lost quest

The Iron Banner returns.

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost

Image via Bungie

The Iron Banner is here for the first time in Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost, bringing with it a new quest to complete. For the War to Come is the name, and racking up kills, captures, and all manner of specific eliminations in Iron Banner is the game.

As always, you can find Saladin in the raised area of the Tower, and interacting with him will get you access to the Bounties, and the quest.

Step 1

For the first step, you will need to defeat enemies, capture zones, and get energy weapon final blows. Nothing too complicated here, so just grab your favorite energy weapon and dive into the Iron Banner playlist.

Step 2

For this step, you will need to complete matches, capture zones, and get Pulse Rifle Kills. The good news here is that you should have gotten a Pulse Rifle as a reward for the previous step, so you won’t have any trouble sourcing one.

Step 3

For this step, you will need to defeat other Guardians, captures zones, and get Solar or Stasis ability final blows. Just load up the Stasis or Solar subclass of your choice and get stuck in.

Step 4

For this step, get final blows with your Super, capture zones, and get Sidearms final blows. Make sure you take a Super that will give you the chance to take out multiple enemies, so it’s a roaming Super if you can.

After that, return to Lord Saladin and hand in the quest to get your rewards.