Destiny 2 – How to Get More Power Surge Bounties

Destiny 2

Season of the Drifter has finally arrived in Destiny 2 and players are already hopping into Gambit matches for their good pal The Drifter. If you’ve been slacking though, you might be feeling left behind considering the new activity, The Reckoning, is 650. Luckily you have power surge bounties. Here’s how to get more power surge bounties in Destiny 2’s Season of The Drifter after you’ve exhausted the initial slate.

How to Get More Power Surge Bounties in Destiny 2?

What are Power Surge Bounties in Destiny 2?

The Season of the Drifter of Destiny 2 brings a new kind of bounty calls bounty Power Surge that allows players to quickly equip themselves up to the 640 level. These sizes are obtained through The Drifter and offer the possibility to get 640 changes quickly, so you’ll be close at the 650 level and you can survive Level 1 of The Reckoning.

How Getting More Power Surge Bounties in Destiny 2?

Power Surge bounties are reset weekly, which means you can only get four each week. Every Tuesday a weekly reset takes place and you will then have to complete new bonuses.

While getting these awards from The Drifter, which is now in The Annex, they are not strictly for Gambit. Some gifts will make you defeat the Crucible Guardians or complete public events. Each size tells you the power level and the piece of weapon or armor you will receive for completion.

So it helps you figure out what size of Power Surge you want to tackle first, if at all. It is important to be aware that these prizes will expire once the deadline expires for them, so make sure you complete all those necessary to avoid losing a high-level equipment.

All the equipment obtained from these sizes will drop to 640 (rare) that will allow you to access one of the newest challenges of Destiny 2 known as The Reckoning. This has a power level suggestion of 650, so make sure you make those ammo to equip.

Well, that’s all you need to know about getting more fortune powers in Destiny 2.