Destiny 2 – Where To Find The Vex Gate Lord – Complete Eyes on the Moon

Destiny 2

The Vex Offensive is here, and after visiting Ikora, you will be on the hunt for Vex Gate Lords. If you are wondering where to find them, we have you covered.

Destiny 2 – Where To Find A Vex Gate Lord

Vex Gate Lords are massive enemies, towering above their fellow Vex and your humble Guardian. They can be found on the Moon if you are lucky. If you take a look at your map of the Moon in the Director, you will see three Vex head icons, with a slight pulse around them. These are Vex Invasion Zones, areas where the Vex is attempting to invade the Moon.

If you head to these places and are lucky, a Vex Invasion will be underway. They are kind of like Public Events, in that there have periods of downtime and periods where they are active. Do circuits of the moon covering Archer’s Line, the Hellmouth, and Anchor of Light, and you will spot them when they show up, as the sky fills with electricity.

After cutting through some enemies, you will notice the Vex Gate Lord arrives, and you can pick him apart. He has quite the health bar, but don’t burn him down without taking out some standard Vex, as you also need them for this quest step.

Be sure to pick up all the small green crystal that drop as well, as these are essential items. Keep in mind, these events can seem to stack on top of each other, so don’t just leave when you kill one Vex Gate Lord, you need three in total, and I managed to get two that spawned right on top of each other in the video shown above!

When you have your three Vex Gate Lord kills, and 100 normal Vex kills, The Eye on the Moon will be complete.