How To Get The Beloved Sniper Rifle In Destiny 2

Destiny 2

The Beloved Sniper Rifle first got introduced in Destiny 2’s Season of Opulence, and rapidly became a hit with players who like sharp, accurate and hard-hitting snipers. You can get the Beloved by completing a run in the Menagerie, downing the boss, and opening the chest at the end. You will need the correct Runes in your Chalice, however.

How To Get The Beloved Sniper Rifle

Each weapon from the Menagerie has a different recipe of Runes. These Runes get placed in your Chalice, and when you open the chest at the end of the run, it guarantees that piece of loot. For the Beloved, you will need the following Runes.

  • Rune of Jubilation in the top slot to guarantee a Sniper Rifle drop.
  • The second rune can be any red Rune, so Cunning, Gluttony, or Ambition. These runes guarantee that the weapon is the Beloved.

If you do not have the second slot of your Chalice unlocked, you will need to do so using Imperials. Imperials are a unique currency you can earn in-game and use to upgrade your Chalice of Opulence.

Once you have both the Runes equipped, load up the Menagerie and finish the run, kill the final boss, and open the chest. The Beloved is now yours. While you can guarantee that you will get the weapon itself, you cannot guarantee that it will be a perfect, or even good, roll.

If you have the third Rune slot in your Chalice unlocked, you can add another Rune to guarantee a particular Masterwork Perk.

  • Purple Rune – Handling MW
  • Green Rune – Range MW
  • Red Rune – Reload MW
  • Blue Rune – Stability MW

Concerning perks and God Rolls, they vary from person to person, depending on their playstyle and what exactly they want from the weapon. You will most likely want something like Snapshot, Quickdraw, and No Distractions, then whatever for the fourth perk.