Destiny 2 – How To Get Imperials

Pinnacle Gear in Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Season of Opulence has just begun. Many Guardians are currently repairing their Chalice of Opulence and trying to find as many Imperials as possible. Imperials are a new resource that will allow you to upgrade your Chalice, earning better rewards from The Menagerie. In this guide, we will show you how to get those sweet, sweet Imperials.

How To Get Imperials In Destiny 2


With the Cabal Empire properly setting up shop in Destiny 2, Guardians need to start dealing in the Cabal currency of Imperials. To fully upgrade your Chalice, you are going to need a lot of Imperials. You can get them from the following activities in-game:

  • Bounties from Benedict 99-40 in the Tower Annex, and Werner 99-44 on the Imperial Barge at Nessus.
  • Completing Menagerie Triumphs
  • Opening chests on the Imperial Barge at Nessus.

The Bounties from Benedict 99-40 and Werner 99-44 will give you Imperials and Powerful Gear, so are a great way to spend your time in the game. The amount of Imperials you get is a little small, but everything helps in the chase for better loot.

The Menagerie Triumphs can get you 500 Imperials when you complete one, so are a great way to get them quickly. Unfortunately, you will only be able to hand them in once. If you want to check out the Menagerie Triumphs, open the menu, select Triumphs, then Destinations, Minor, and Menagerie.

You will be able to open a chest on the Imperial Barge to get some Imperials, once you are willing to the pay the 5K Glimmer cost to do so. It’s a pretty good use for Glimmer and an excellent way to reward general grinding in the game.