How To Get The Sacred Provenance In Destiny 2

Pinnacle Gear in Destiny 2

It looks like the Garden of Salvation Raid shall do what nearly all Destiny Raids have done, give us a weapon to beat all others in its class. This time, it appears to be the Pulse Rifle, Sacred Provenance. In this guide, we will show you how to get it.

How To Get The Sacred Provenance In Destiny 2

The only way to get your hands on the Sacred Provenance is to play the new Raid, the Garden of Salvation. The Sacred Provenance can drop from bosses or chest found within the Raid. You don’t need to finish the Raid; you need to get to one of the loot drop circumstances to have a chance of getting it.

Now, like all weapons in Destiny 2, the roll will matter, and the roll that you want will depend on your play style. The Sacred Provenance is an Aggressive Frame Pulse Rifle, meaning it shoots four bullets per shot instead of the standard three. The Rapid Hit trait can also turn it into a laser, as rapid precision hits will give a temporary increase to stability and reload speed. The weapon also has a very impressive range, allowing you to worry and harass people who like to hang out in the distance with Scout Rifles or Snipers.

In skilled hands, regular 2-shot kills should be possible. Anyone who has gotten their hands on it has remarked about the amazing feel of the weapon, so this is looking like a good time for anybody who likes Pulse Rifles and should be enough to swing you away from your old favorites.

Whether the Sacred Provenance makes it into your regular loadout will be entirely up to your playstyle, and your enjoyment of the weapon, but now you know what you need to do to get it. So, get your Raid team together and get grinding.