Destiny 2 – How To Get Upgrade Modules

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A change coming to Destiny 2 today is Upgrade Modules. These new resources are used to infuse weapons. You can take a weapon with high power you don’t want and infuse it into a lower power weapon that you like. This enhancement boosts the lowered power weapon and makes it more useful to you because it will hit harder. But how do you get Upgrade Modules?

Destiny 2 – How To Get Upgrade Modules

There are three ways to get your hands on Upgrade Modules.

  • The Weekly Gunsmith Bounty – grab a bounty from the Gunsmith and complete it to get an Upgrade Module.
  • Season of the Undying Rewards – you can pick some up as Rank Rewards from the Season Pass.
  • Purchase them from the Gunsmith.

Purchasing them from the Gunsmith is pretty expensive. They will cost 5000 Glimmer, 25 materials, one enhancement core, and 10 Legendary Shards. You can also hold a maximum of 25 Upgrade Modules at one time, so make sure you keep an eye on how many of them you have in your inventory.

These will become a prevalent item you use in Destiny 2. You will no doubt fall in love with some weapons and want to infuse them a lot. My advice would be not to do that, and use it on weapons coming your way while you work your way up to through Power levels.

Then, as you run into something that a particular weapon you have will excel at, you can be sure you will be able to infuse it when you need it. This new system will likely become more critical as you try to complete Nightfalls and the upcoming Raid.

That should cover just about everything you need to know about Upgrade Modules in Destiny 2, so best of luck, Guardian.