Destiny 2 – K1 Communion Lost Sector Location

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The Moon is Destiny 2’s new patrol area, and it has plenty of Lost Sectors to find. In this guide, we show you how to get to the K1 Communion Lost Sector.

Destiny 2 – K1 Communion Lost Sector Location

K1 Communion Lost Sector Map

Spawn in at Eris Morn, then hop on your Sparrow and head towards the Anchor of Light. Stay moving past the first area, over the broken bridge, and continue towards the tall building with the orange facing on the right. Jump off your Sparrow, and then run into the ground level, under all the support struts at the very end of the building. In there, you will find a doorway leading to the Lost Sector K1 Communion.

Lost Sectors have changed a little bit, and this one is much more challenging than Lost Sectors in other areas of the game. You need to clear out rooms to progress. The only way to drop the energy barriers blocking your path is to kill all the enemies.

When you reach the last room, you need to wipe out all enemies to get the K1 Communion Lost Sector boss to spawn. When he dies, you will be able to open the cache, located on a platform at the back right of the room.

Enemies will continue to spawn, however, so prepare to fight your way out. Now you know how to get to the K1 Communion Lost Sector, you can farm it to your heart’s content. If you would like a video of the route to the Lost Sector, the embedded video above will get you there.