Where to find the K1 Communion Lost Sector in Destiny 2

Welcome to the Moon.

image via Bungie

The K1 Communion Lost Sector is among the many you can find throughout Destiny 2. You will be able to find this area on the Moon, and it will be a location you want to visit whenever you want to earn some decent loot for your Guardian or you need to complete a quest. In this guide, we cover the exact location of the K1 Communion Lost Sector in Destiny 2

K1 Communion Lost Sector location

You can find the K1 Communion Lost Sector on the east side of the map, close to the center. It will be in the Anchor of Light, on the northeast side of the area. There will be a handful of Scorn guarding the location, but you should be able to fight your way through and make it to this area by yourself while exploring the Moon. We don’t expect too many obstacles to block your path. If you’re having trouble finding the location of this entrance, we recommend searching closer to the bottom part of the ship.

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When you reach the inside of this Lost Sector, you need to fight through the multiple hordes of enemies awaiting you to reach the end. In the end, there will be a chest for you to unlock, and you will receive a handful of rewards.

You may need to visit this location for several quests throughout your time in Destiny 2. You might even have to work your way through it for any Master Lost Sector encounters.