Destiny 2 Ley Line Rumors Week 1 – Trivial Mysteries Locations

Easy does it.

One of the Week 1 Seasonal Challenges in Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost will see players diving into the Shattered Realm: Forest of Echoes activity in the H.E.L.M Director screen. They will need to track down three Trivial Mysteries which are hidden chests in the area.

To do so, they will need the Barrier Breach perk from the Wayfinder’s Compass that can be found in the Awoken section of the H.E.L.M. The first thing you will need to do is head down toward the church building on the bottom left and activate the Beacon inside. You can only use the totems that you need to drop barriers when the beacon is activated, so take care of that first.

From there, head outside the front of the church and move up toward the small crypt and activate the totem beside it. This will allow you to pass through the barrier.

Drop down into the tunnel, follow it to the end, then turn left. Go through the broken wall section, then walk down the corridor and take the first right. Grab the chest there and you will have your first Trivial Mystery.

Return to the church, and go out of the door on the back left, right beside the beacon. You will see some sloped pathways that you can walk up to get an Ascendant Anchor. Keep climbing to get to the top then go into the door you will find there. Head to the back left and you will find a broken-down building with a chest inside.

Climb up the balconies on the outside, then activate the totem at the top to breach the barrier and drop down to get the chest.

Leave through the ground floor door and walk left to get to the edge of the platform. Jump across toward the dead tree, then go left when you land up towards a new area. Jump on the boulder at the back, then up onto the platform and move around to the left to find another breach totem. Head into the portal at the back and drop down to the platform to grab the third and final Trivial Mystery that you need for this challenge.