Destiny 2 – Necromantic Strand Location – Hall of Wisdom Location

Destiny 2

For the Essence of Brutality in Destiny 2, you will need to find the Necromantic Strand. It is located in the Hall of Wisdom on the Moon. In this guide, we will show you where to get it.

Destiny 2 – Necromantic Strand Location – Hall of Wisdom Location

The Essence of Brutality will give you three challenges that you need to complete to clean the Essence.

  • Complete Patrols, Public Events and Lost Sectors on the Moon.
  • Hand Cannon kills.
  • Necromantic Strand Found

To find the Necromantic Strand, you need to make your way to Archer’s Line. Just spawn in at Eris Morn, then go left on your Sparrow and follow the route until you reach the broken transport line that crosses the map.

Jump the ravine and head for the two large metal doors on the far side, and make your way down the pathway. Be careful at the end, as there are enemies, so either kill them or avoid them and head inside the doorway.

Dropdown into the tunnel below, and follow it along until you get to the Hall of Wisdom. Thankfully this is a pretty easy place to find, without much running around involved.

When you get there, run deeper into the Hall until you reach the area with the Wizard, there will be a massive bulwark jutting out of the ground, and you will find the Necromantic Strand there. It should generate a waypoint when you get relatively close to it, making it pretty easy to find the exact location.

Once you have it, you can finish up the rest of the Challenges and then go back to Eris to cleanse the essence and collect your new weapon!