Destiny 2 Niobe Labs Puzzle Solution: How to Unlock Bergusia Forge

 Destiny 2 Niobe Labs Puzzle Solution: How to Unlock Bergusia Forge

Whenever the Destiny 2 players think they can play the game in a linear way, Bungie finds a way to get them involved with something interesting. This time, the software house has decided to involve players in a group puzzle: the first one that solves it unlocks content for everyone.

It is the Niobe Labs Puzzle, an enigma that once solved will give access to the fourth and final forge: Bergusia Forge (the other three forges – Volundr, Gofannon, and Izanami – has been released starting from a few weeks ago and allows players to craft their own powerful weapons). In this guide, we tell you what has been discovered so far about the Bergusia Forge.

How to Unlock Bergusia Forge

How to Begin Niobe Labs Puzzle

You can find Niobe Labs in the EDZ, through Sojourner’s Camp. Like any respectable enigma, in its initial phase, you must look for symbols. Once you’ve found them on walls and floors, you need to use all of the weapons you’ve collected from the other three forges and solve the related puzzle.

In the early stages you won’t need anyone at your side, but once reached level 3 in Niobe’s Torment you’ll need two other people (or more) to go ahead. These are the enigma’s words:

“Bring each sword to bear and plunge their true form into the forge, look upon your weapons to know it’s true form.

Quenched in the water of battle we emerge stronger together, three families strong in turn.

Together we are stronger. Spark the stone, fan the flame. Prepare for the Black Armory.”

The First Puzzle

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, you have to locate Wind, Rock and Fire symbols and shoot them with the related weapons (Bow, Sniper, and LMG respectively).

The Second Puzzle

This puzzle is divided into sections: one for each weapon.

Sniper section

  • Stand on the Tiger symbol on the floor; shoot Fish, Lotus, Temple (in this order)
  • Stand on the Dragon symbol; shoot Archway, Rabbit, Bamboo, Temple (in this order)
  • Stand on the Fish; shoot the Lotus

LMG section

  • Shoot the Storm symbol
  • Stand on the Moon symbol; shoot T + H R E B F L U

Bow section

  • Stand on Daybreak; shoot Missive, Trees, Water, Rose (in this order)
  • Stand on Wind; shoot Missive twice
  • Stand on Daybreak; with Bow shoot Missive, Rose, Water (in this order)

If you have done everything correctly, you will hear a noise and on the lower platform you will find a glowing crate displaying the message “Start Mission”.

Niobe’s Torment

This section is divided into levels. This time you don’t only have to deal with symbols but you also have to defeat bosses and some adds.

Level 1

  • Stand on the Hand; spell out the word Butterfly

Level 2

  • Equip the LMG; stand on the Hand; shoot Fire, then Cloud; equip Sniper; stand on the Fish; shoot Rabbit, then Lotus

Level 3

As mentioned before, now it’s time to call some friends. You need to shoot simultaneous:

  • The one who stands on Dragon has to shoot Bamboo
  • The one who stands on Wind has to shoot Water
  • The one who stands on Star has to shoot Fire

Level 4

  • Airborne; spell out the word Fly

Level 5

  • Equip the Bow; shoot Butterfly
  • Equip the Sniper; shoot Fish
  • Equip LMG; shoot Hand

Level 6

  • Three players must simultaneously stand on the Butterfly, equip Bow and shoot the Tree symbol

Level 7

  • You can see the enigma’s words again